50 Top most free article submission sites list 2020

What is Article Submission? 

If I were to explain in simple terms, Article Submission is an SEO technique (Off-Page SEO Technique) used for generating quality backlinks for your website Although some marketers think that it is a long-lost thing; if you want to generate good quality backlinks then it is your thing to do and it is done through good and quality article submission sites. 

What is the need for Article submission sites? 

As discussed, the technique requires some major task which is to submit an article related of their niche or business to the good and free article submission site list 2020 in order to increase the visibility of their blog. So, if there is no site available through which a user can submit their work then the process of generating good backlinks will be hindered. Digital marketing is indeed a give take relationship. 

Advantages of the free article submission sites 2020 

  • It helps in improving the online visibility of a product, blog or business. 
  • By adopting this Off-Page SEO Technique, marketers are able to provide large exposure and reach to their content. 
  • It is free of cost marketing as marketers pay a lot of money for online visibility. 
  • Fewer efforts, big results. 
  • It helps to build good quality backlinks and helps to create visibility.    
  • The submission of articles to the free article submission site 2020 helps in generating organic traffic and new customers as well. 

With the advantages listed, let’s get down to the most popular and top 20 free article submission sites 2020 

  1. Tumblr.com 
  2. Github.com 
  3. Evernote.com 
  4. Wattpad.com 
  5. ISnare.com 
  6. Sites.google.com 
  7. Atriclebiz.com 
  8. Quora.com 
  9. Buzzfeed.com 
  10. Amazines.com 
  11. Loudpages.com 
  12. Medium.com 
  13. Goarticles.com 
  14. Hubpages.com 
  15. Seekingalpha.com 
  16. Storify.com 
  17. Ehow.com 
  18. Zimbio.com 
  19. Ezinearticles.com 
  20. Brighthub.com 


These article submission site will help you increase your blog visibility and will help to generate good quality backlinks. Also, these sites are free of cost. So, what are you waiting for? Share your articles here and increase the credibility of your website or blog.