free Social Bookmarking Submission sites list of 2020

One of the important factors of link building in SEO is Social Bookmarking!

But you will now think what exactly is it? How can it be so important and still you do not know it!

I assume that you all are familiar with the normal bookmarks, which as a commoner you use on your books, eBooks and other things. Why do you use it? Any guesses?

It is because, you want to continue from right where you left, or you place a bookmark on a page which draws your most attention or you find most interesting. Am I right?

Then if you are searching for what exactly is social bookmarking then your answer is hidden in our previous discussion.

Social bookmarking is nothing but a method which internet user uses to bookmark their interesting topic, contents, pictures, videos, etc. mainly for the purpose of the easy and viral search.

Therefore Social Bookmarking Submission sites are one of the tools which have affected your SEO ranking.

In terms of Digital Marketing and SEO, these bookmarking sites are used to get faster and good backlinks, branding, promotion, to get huge traffic on your blog or website and also for indexing Privileges.

So let’s narrow down the meaning of the Bookmarking sites, these websites help a user or to say a digital marketer to save a website so that he/she can access it anytime and these are saved on the web not on your browsers so with the internet connection you can access them anytime, which really helps to get huge traffic and good ranking on blogs, articles or websites.

Let’s ask ourselves a question, an important one! Why do we actually need or require these Social bookmarking sites?

The answer is simple. Because of the following reasons, we need these tools-

  • It helps us to get indexing faster in search engines like Google, Bing, etc of your blogs, websites, and many more.
  • If you submit your content on high PA sites, your content can go viral.
  • These sites will help to reduce the bounce rate.
  • Blog categorization will be easier.
  • If you get the back from high PA sites, it will get you good quality of backlinks.
  • This will also eventually help in improving your Domain Authority.

So with these benefits in mind, let’s get to know the top 250+ free social bookmarking submission sites list.

  • Twitter

Twitter currently has 259 million users all over the globe and has huge PA and DA.

When users post any link, photo, or video from their account on Twitter, they are technically bookmarking it and they can access their interest from anywhere in the world.  

  • Pinterest

It has 250 million active users with PA 9 and DA 98. And it is one of the best examples for the Bookmarking site list.


Reddit has over 330 million users with PA 8 and DA 98.


With over 456.1 million users and having PA of 8 and DA of 100, it is a good place for digital marketers to gather huge traffic for their content by bookmarking technique.


Having over 1 million users and PA of 7 and DA 92, it is a great platform and one of the best free social bookmarking Submission sites lists for your SEO needs.

  • StumbleUpon

The social networking site has 25 million users which also prove as a great pedestal for digital marketers for branding and promotion.

  • Pocket

Google’s product has a PA of 74 and a domain authority of 92 with 20 million registered users across the world.

  • Quora

It has a domain authority of 92 and a PA of 75 with 190 million users.

  • Dribble

It has PA 7 and DA 92 and has over millions of users through which you can gain huge traffic if you have categorized content.

  • We Hear it

It has over 30 million active users with a PA of 89 and DA of 96. Website

So if you want to be a good Digital marketer then you must know that you cannot ignore the word “social” nowadays and especially  Bookmarking Submission. So use these sites to get quality of backlinks, and other various reasons.