Digital marketing? Internet Marketing? Few Words about Digital Ads

Are you still irritated by the clichéd pattern of TV commercials, which often last longer than the broadcasted movie? Are you fed up with repetition and boring content that smuggle traditional marketing channels? We will also explain why today it is not worth throwing the receiver away, what is the power of digital marketing, what makes it stand out and how to reach a huge number of recipients in an original way, engaging them in brand activities and persuading them to advertise as a great form of communication.

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  • Digital Marketing – what and for what? What really is Internet Marketing?
  • Content is King

Digital marketing – what and for what? What really is internet marketing?

You set up a company. Let’s assume that this is a stationary store with vegan products. You are happy because you respond to contemporary trends and customer needs and you think that you are filling a gap in the market. You work every day, your carefully selected range from around the world goes to the shelves, but … begins to cover with dust. Yes, there are several clients interested in what you offer on a weekly basis, but in reality, you have to pay extra for your business. After a few months, you sit down and wonder what you are doing wrong and with whom you could consult your actions. You are about to file for bankruptcy. We don’t want that.
First, sit down again, read this article to the end and remember that digital marketing is an oxygen cylinder for your brand. Bet on good internet marketing and you will gain more than you think.

“People don’t buy what you sell, just why you do it.” – Simon Sinek.

We agree with Simon, but we allow ourselves a small upgrade of what he opts for. People don’t buy what you sell, just why you do it and how. That is the heart of the matter. If you decided to focus your activity only on the stationery store, you cannot expect success. Without digital marketing with statistics that shout about 78% of Internet users in Poland, it is not difficult for business failure.

Digital marketing is nothing but all forms of advertising activity of brands on the web, thanks to which they reach and build customer relationships. In principle, the same is the term: internet marketing. You can put an equal sign here. With reliable support of SEO, content marketing, mobile applications, social media, display ads, email marketing, marketing automation, and online analysis, online marketing allows for effective implementation of the planned strategy and measurability of campaign results also in real-time.

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Secondly, live and work online. Your vegan stationary store is also a potential for online business, thanks to which you are not only a local seller – you have the chance to become a nationwide or even international brand.

Before you start the adventure with digital, do a consumer reconnaissance. Meet your client, find out what he expects, where he is looking for product information, whether his decisions are based on recommendations and search results on Google. The possibilities of internet marketing are huge and provide great analytical tools. In each of the channels, there is an option to thoroughly check the data on your recipients. Based on this information, you can precisely target groups of recipients, create campaigns dedicated to specific users, incurring costs for real results.

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Content is King

And this is beyond doubt. 1996, Bill Gates publishes an essay in which he explains the essence of the content and how they shape the consciousness of the people they reach. Content is to delight, content is to inspire, content is to earn. Full agreement.
Why is the result of the digital throne game so obvious? It’s simple – the times of websites that are saturated with links but do not represent any valuable content, and yet aspire to TOP3 in search results, are long gone. Only professional optimization and meeting the right conditions for the texts on the site can guarantee the success of a particular brand.

As a member of the digital marketing family, content should be perfectly planned as part of the strategy of all activities, which is why good research, target, and creation are necessary to achieve the intended goals. Content marketing is a brave player and it is definitely worth using it. Go beyond the niche and limitations, try storytelling and interest recipients with something they have never encountered before. In addition, the systematic publication is very important, times a million quality, specification of the target group, effective and effective titles and call to action, without which our text can only bounce off the wall.
Internet users do not like water poured in the text, so create content that not only promotes but also informs. Don’t just shut up in your blog space: post content on social media, use email marketing, designing your newsletter, or use Google AdWords to increase reach.

Here are some content tips to make conversion bars surprise without forcing brands to withdraw from the market:

  • Diversify the article and take care of its graphic design – sometimes the picture says more than a few sentences, so reach for the photos available in free photo banks or on paid platforms, use video, use short animations or gifs. Such text reads much better and you can be sure that the recipient will quickly appreciate the content supplemented with visual flavors than the combo text in the unformatted version, which is simply read … wrong.
  • Integrate your blog with social media – already 3 billion people in the world use social media, with 90% of the population in Poland. Should we write something more? We will only add that our absence, among others on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn it is, colloquially speaking, a small shot in the virtual knee and an expression of ignorance towards Internet users.
  • Write as you would like others to write to you – i.e. do not play the author of the universal encyclopedia – you direct your content to potential customers and business partners, so create texts that are specific, clear and accessible, avoiding oscillating only around the industry dictionary. Remember, content is one of the communication tools – it’s about commitment and dialogue, not a specialized monologue that doesn’t lead to anything.
  • Exit the “onsite” closet – your content marketing activities cannot be closed only in the area of ​​the website. Content should not, and must be distributed also on other channels, e.g. in social media, using mailing, Google AdWords promotions, multimedia presentations. Expand the reach of both your brand and the content that represents it.
  • Make friends with data analysis – a number of analytical tools available on the market argue that downplaying the results of marketing activities does not pay. Write, publish, promote, analyze, draw conclusions, improve strategy and collect consumer laurels.

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Digital marketing creates a perfect correlation with content marketing, affects the building of customer loyalty, creates a strong brand position in the industry and is a simple recipe for online business success.

What are your experiences with digital? Do you also think that internet marketing is a “must-have” for every self-respecting company?

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