Check Out The Top Free Directory Submission Sites List 2020

Directory submission is a good way to create backlinks for your websites. Also, you must submit your website links to quality directory submission sites which have high PA and DA. Because it is noticed that if you submit the link to spam websites then it can prove as a hazardous process and rather to improve the visibility the search engine can block your website if proven a spam one. So, every marketer will suggest you submit your site URL to the good quality directory submission sites. 

What is Directory Submission? 

The process of submitting the URL of your website/blog to any good quality directory submission site to increase the visibility of your website and to create quality backlinks. 

3 Types of Directory submission sites 

  • Free directory submission sites.

This is the best way to create backlinks for your sites that too free if you cannot afford the paid one. The one drawback it has is that the free directory submission site list 2020 takes too much time for approval but you can always keep it in your directory list to cross-check.  

  • Paid

The benefit of these paid sites is that they take less time for approval and if the URL of your website has high DA and PA then you can easily create quality backlinks for your site. 

  • Reciprocal

This type of directory submission is giving and taking. This is more popular than the other two. In this, you have to add a link/URL of the directory submission site you want to submit your URL to and in return when the owner of the site affirms that you have added his link, he will automatically approve yours. 

How to submit your URL to free directory submission sites list 2020 

  1. The user has to go to any free directory submission sites list 2020 mentioned below in this article (which suits them according to their niche or DA/PA). 
  2. You have to select the submission type. 
  3. Fill in the asked details such as Title, Description, Website URL and E-mail address carefully. 
  4. Then you have to select the category from the drop-down list accordingly. 
  5. Click on “Continue” to complete the process. 

Top free directory submission sites list 2020 


Do make sure that the site you are submitting your URL to has high DA/PA and also that it is not a spam site otherwise everything is good to go. And remember that precaution is better than the cure. 

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