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Are you an internet user? Then probably you require searching a lot on the World Wide Web! But the question is, do you get relevant results for your searches or you just get fed up with the non-relatable results?

There comes the importance of good search engines so that the searchers get the results what they have searched for.

Now comes a question; which is obviously a little scientific but everyone lingers for its meaning! So what is search engine actually? It is a program designed with a lot of complex algorithms with the primary goal of returning the relevant content which a user has searched upon it via the World Wide Web. In simplest terms, it allows internet users to search for various things which they want to inquire about in the form of content, images, videos etc. it works when a user enters a keyword or some phrases which act as a keyword into the search bar of the search engines and the results which are returned by it, are in the form of the pages which are called SERPs.

But every other one wants to be on top. So let us discuss the search engines list which is worthy enough to be searched upon but what makes them best is yet to be discussed!

Top Ten search engines list which is popular for various reasons

  • Google

Famous for the easy to use interface, for the great advertising platform and for personalized results.

  • Bing

With over 75% market of USA, Bing is the second largest due to its flawless image search program and known for the points redeem system.

  • DuckDuckGo

Famous for its privacy laws and it does not save any personal information and you can surf freely.

  • Yahoo

It offers its users a travel directory, trending news from all over the world, works as a shopping center, an email box and as a game store and many more.

  • Yandex

Used and most popular in the Russian market due to its easy to use interface and some cool tools which it offers.

  • Baidu

Popular in Chinese Market as it is the first preference of 77% of China’s market.

  • The Internet Archive

Popular because of its particular characteristic which is you can travel back in time with it!

  • Ecosia

Popular for its environment friendliness!

The other two include Dogpile and Gibiru. These are the Top ten search engines in the year 2019. But what makes one search engines best among the others? The best search engine is the one who gives relevant results for the searches with the easy to read interface that too uncluttered and which can broaden their results. So, obviously Google is the best search engine which is available and yes you can also try the other options if you want privacy for that matter.

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