What is SiteGround Hosting: Reviews 2019, hosting plans, pros & cons?

Digital marketing has boomed rapidly all over the world. And due to its emergence, the need and the demand of websites has doubled in just a decade. So, this call for websites and hosting are fulfilled by the SiteGround Company which provides the web hosting to more than eight million users globally. SiteGround web hosting is popularly known to deliver high-class services to its paid customers. The corporation mainly belongs to Bulgaria but serves throughout the world.

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It has really got commanding reviews characterized by its performance with minimum cons which no other hosting company can compete. With regard to the SiteGround reviews 2019, many of its paid users have exclaimed that it does give what it promises to its users. So without any delay, let us discuss the SiteGround pros and cons in order to know why SiteGround web hosting is most lovable of all.

SiteGround pros and cons

Pros of the Web Hosting

  • Characterized by the real user’s data, it provides the premium hosting experience due to its in-crafted solutions.
  • It has the High Uptime up to 99.9%.
  • The company provides the users “account isolation technology” for extra security of the user’s data,
  • The average page loading time is 714ms.
  • The users of SiteGround web hosting will enjoy the high-proficiency WordPress hosting on all the plans.
  • The customers will get add-on security plug-in for extra security with their hosting plan.
  • The installation of the e-commerce plug-in will become relatively easy.
  • Users can request the company to relocate their existing web account with any hosting company without much hassle and cost.
  • The company provides a 30-day money back guarantee if it fails to live up to its promise.
  • The consumers will get the hosting plans within your budget and CDN plus SSL certificate are given complimentary to the users.
  • Users will get the best support from the from its service center.

Interestingly it is the only company which has got more profits than cons.

Cons of the Web Hosting

  • It has got restricted storage, which can be very disappointing at times.
  • They charge a setup-fee for monthly billings but if you opt for yearly billing, the fee is nominal and that is a relief in itself.

The services which the company offers within the budget are quite phenomenal and that is the reason of its true success and of the great SiteGround reviews 2019 by its users.

What are the SiteGround hosting plans?

There are three basic plans for the consumers-

First is The Startup Plan, which is for amateurs, those who are starting their website and it can host only one website with the first level of super catcher plugin, free CDL and SSL certificate and can easily tackle 10,000 new visits per month with daily backup facility and free site migration.

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Second is The GrowBig Plan, which can host multiple websites with free SSL wildcard for 1 year, 3 levels of super catcher plugins, and 30 backup copies and free restore. This plan can tackle up to 25,000 of new visits per month.

And the third is The GoGeek Plan which offers more space, can handle 100,000 visits per month and it can also host multiple websites and there are also various other services in this plan.

So, it seems that it has more takings than the loss, and the SiteGround hosting plans are affordable and within the budget. So go for the hosting plans provided by the company and do share the reviews with us.

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